Swept Away -Wood Burning Stove Installation

Wood Burning Stove InstallationHaving a wood burning stove is a great (and cosy) addition to any home, while saving money on the electric bill by using a green alternative. Many people who make the change to a wood burner from gas or electric heat end up loving their decision, and would never think of going back! Though there are many incentives to making the change to a wood burning stove, installing a wood burning stove is not easy to do alone. There are a lot of things that need to be considered with a wood burning stove installation that you might not have thought about.

Size Matters

Whether big or small, considering the size of your wood burning stove is very important. A lot of models have ceiling height requirements to be met, along with varying requirements for non-combustible floor pads. You’ll need accurate measurements of the length, width, and height of the room to know what sizes can fit inside. The amount of heat generated is also a major impact on size, as some models are designed to heat multiple rooms (or entire homes), whereas others are only good for single room warmth. Considering these factors before making your purchase will help with deciding where to place the wood burning stove, and which one to buy.


There are already regulations set for efficiency ratings in appliances, but a government rating is not the only way for a wood burning stove to be efficient. By using a renewable source to generate heat, an important economical item is checked off the list. Some wood burning stoves are made so that air can be entered to burn off more of the smoke and gas produced, making the stove more efficient. If you so choose, extra filters can be purchased to improve the performance of the stove. As for efficiently cleaning the stove, finding one with an easy to remove ash bin will make tidying up simple.

Find A Good Installer

Installing a wood burning stove requires more than just product knowledge, and a good room in the house to store the stove. It requires someone who knows the ins and outs of wood burning stoves, and how to properly install them in your home. A good company will provide a free estimate or quote on your wood burning stove installation so you can estimate the cost before committing to anything. They will help you find the stove that will fit all of your requirements, and be able to answer any and all of your questions. A professional will generally come with a guarantee or warranty of some kind, meaning if anything happens after the install, you can contact them for a fast fix.

Understanding what is needed in the decision making process of buying a wood burning stove is important before getting one installed. It allows you to know what you need from an installer, so you can be kept informed.