Benefits Of Using Double Glazed Windows


There are various options available for windows like UPVC windows, aluminum windows and timber windows. If you are planning to replace your windows or doors checkout
Peerless Glass for some latest and trendy options. The popular site shows us the importance of selecting energy efficient glazing for windows to keep out heat during summer. There are different types of glasses, let’s discuss double glazed windows.

Double glazed windows are a combination of multiple panes of glass. These glass units are double glazed or triple glazed. The panes are separated by a spacer and a layer made of gas. The window panels are usually wider so that the panel fits accurately.
These windows are soundproof and are energy efficient. The sealed layer between the glasses acts as a form of insulation and also adds thermal resistance. It is very helpful in maintaining the temperature in the house both during the summer and winter seasons. This minimizes the use of an extra device like a heater or an air conditioner and saves more on your bills.
The double glazed windows offer extra layers of glasses so that it’s really difficult to break in, by this form it provides greater security to your home. The area near the windows is cooler or warmer with the help of insulating technology, which doesn’t allow the unwanted air to enter in.
The spacing between the panes is very important. It can range from 6mm to 150mm depending on your necessity. It is advisable to have the range between 6mm to 20mm if you are looking for energy efficiency. The spacing which is mostly adopted is 12mm. However, if you are looking for warm air insulation as your main function then it is better to go for a spacing of 150mm and more. The main standard which is used in the double glazed window is the action between the panes which functions like a heat-proofing thereby not allowing the unwanted air inside your home.

Usually, gasses with low conductivity are used in between the panes which increase the performance further. The double glazed window has a spacer made of the metal strip which splits up the glass panes. A drying agent is used in between so as to remove any moisture. This technology is very helpful in reducing sound entering the house to a great extent.

According to your needs, several varieties of glasses are available. Windows should be considered as an all-purpose protection. The material which you select to frame plays a major role in the window’s performance. Standard window does well with climatic factors but are not good with insulating properties. The sealing and the spacers are the important units in a double glazed window. If the unit isn’t properly sealed and if properly dried, then the purpose of a double glazed window isn’t solved, it functions as a standard window. Even though they are costlier compared to a single glazed window they are energy efficient, idle in maintaining room temperatures and are greater in sound performance.

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