Swept Away -Wood Burning Stove Installation

Wood Burning Stove InstallationHaving a wood burning stove is a great (and cosy) addition to any home, while saving money on the electric bill by using a green alternative. Many people who make the change to a wood burner from gas or electric heat end up loving their decision, and would never think of going back! Though there are many incentives to making the change to a wood burning stove, installing a wood burning stove is not easy to do alone. There are a lot of things that need to be considered with a wood burning stove installation that you might not have thought about.

Size Matters

Whether big or small, considering the size of your wood burning stove is very important. A lot of models have ceiling height requirements to be met, along with varying requirements for non-combustible floor pads. You’ll need accurate measurements of the length, width, and height of the room to know what sizes can fit inside. The amount of heat generated is also a major impact on size, as some models are designed to heat multiple rooms (or entire homes), whereas others are only good for single room warmth. Considering these factors before making your purchase will help with deciding where to place the wood burning stove, and which one to buy.


There are already regulations set for efficiency ratings in appliances, but a government rating is not the only way for a wood burning stove to be efficient. By using a renewable source to generate heat, an important economical item is checked off the list. Some wood burning stoves are made so that air can be entered to burn off more of the smoke and gas produced, making the stove more efficient. If you so choose, extra filters can be purchased to improve the performance of the stove. As for efficiently cleaning the stove, finding one with an easy to remove ash bin will make tidying up simple.

Find A Good Installer

Installing a wood burning stove requires more than just product knowledge, and a good room in the house to store the stove. It requires someone who knows the ins and outs of wood burning stoves, and how to properly install them in your home. A good company will provide a free estimate or quote on your wood burning stove installation so you can estimate the cost before committing to anything. They will help you find the stove that will fit all of your requirements, and be able to answer any and all of your questions. A professional will generally come with a guarantee or warranty of some kind, meaning if anything happens after the install, you can contact them for a fast fix.

Understanding what is needed in the decision making process of buying a wood burning stove is important before getting one installed. It allows you to know what you need from an installer, so you can be kept informed.


Kitchen Remodelling Is Important To Improve The Look Of Your House

kitchen_1When you are planning to remodel your house, you might have not clue on where to start first. There are many rooms in your house for remodelling that might lead you to confusion. You need to get organised and plan the exact remodel before you actually start the remodelling project. The very first step is to start with a room that you like to get remodelled first. It can be anything such as the bedroom, living room, bathroom or kitchen. There are many remodelling ideas to implement in each of these rooms.

improvement-green-remodel-kitchen_46Once you select the room that you like to remodel first, you need to research to find excellent remodelling ideas. There are endless possibilities when it comes to the process of home remodelling. There are many things that you need to consider such as the floor plan, blueprint, paint swatches, etc. Also, if you browse the internet, you will find numerous ideas and tutorials related to remodelling. These will definitely be handy if you want to remodel your house as a do-it-yourself project instead of hiring a professional. As you might not have the idea or experience, you can get help from the abundant information available on the internet to handle this line of work.

Why Kitchen Remodelling Is Important

As the kitchen is a room that is where your family has a good time preparing dishes and having them together, you might decide to start the remodelling from there. In fact, if you want to sell your house in the future, the remodelled kitchen will definitely give you a higher return on investment as it is one of the major focus points of your house. When the potential buyers of your home see your kitchen, they will be thrilled and impressed to see a remodelled and attractive kitchen adding to the chances of purchasing your house. If the kitchen is up-to-date, there is a higher chance that they will consider buying your house.

How To Remodel Your Kitchen?

Awesome-Kitchens-Remodels-butcher-block-tops-1024x681Since the kitchen is highly important in a house, there are many ways to remodel your kitchen and improve its looks and functionality. One notable way to improve the kitchen is to use a decorative theme in it and ensure that all the decorative elements complement each other and synchronise well giving a great look to the kitchen. For instance, if the theme is related to country décor, there should be earthy and warm colours and plaids all over the kitchen. If the theme is modern, there should be black and stainless steel appliances in the kitchen.

Keep in mind that when it comes to kitchen remodelling, the theme alone will not help much. Even the small elements in the room have to be improved. The knobs of the kitchen cabinet might not seem to be significant to you, but these are very important for the look of your kitchen. The draw and cabinet knobs make the old fashioned cabinets look new. So, you need to focus on the knobs that you use in your kitchen, the small cooking and cutting tools that you store outside, the appliances, cookware, etc. to enhance the look of your kitchen.

Apollo Kitchens Showroom 05

Inspiration for Your New Kitchen Design

Apollo Kitchens Showroom 05One of the hardest things about renovating a kitchen is coming up with a design that you absolutely love. If you can’t achieve this, no amount of money you spend will be able to buy you the kind of kitchen that you really want. In this short article, I am going to share a few tips I have picked up from my years of experience as an interior design consultant in the north of England.

Using Stores and Kitchen Showrooms in Leeds for Design Cues

If you have friends and relatives whose tastes in interior décor you particularly admire, you can always take a peek in their kitchens when you are in need of inspiration. As somebody who prefers to start with a clean slate, I prefer to take my design cues from the fixtures and fittings I find in local shops and showrooms. After a trip to a local retailer or manufacturer, I always ask myself the following questions:

· Would it Look Good in My Home? – I make a note of any items of furniture or colour schemes that catch my eye then, once I am back in my own home, I ask myself whether the items and colours I found so fetching in the local stores would actually work in my kitchen. If you are able to clearly visualise the items and colours in question (in your own kitchen), you should be able to work out quite easily which ones are worth keeping on your shortlist and which should be discarded immediately.

· Can I afford It? – You may spot a beautiful range that would look great in your kitchen and would easily fit into the space you had in mind when you first saw it but if it will take up nearly all of your budget, you should reconsider. Spending too much of your budget on any single item is almost always a recipe for disaster.

· Is It Really Me? – Try not to fall into the trap of focusing on what others might find impressive. What you should be doing instead, is considering whether you will be comfortable with your choices in 4 or 5 years’ time.

In summary, I would recommend following my method and visiting kitchen showrooms in Leeds for inspiration when you are at the initial design stage of your project. If, after this, your mind is still a blank, consider consulting a professional designer for help and advice.


Bedroom Furniture Ideas To Improve Its Look

teenager-girl-bedroom-furniture-ideas-red-pink-interior-poster-bedThe bedroom is not just restricted for sleeping. In fact, it is the bedroom that is used for lounging, as a makeshift home office and the best place to relax in your home. But, this is possible only if there are proper bedroom furniture pieces in the room. If you start looking for bedroom furniture items, there are many pieces that are available in the market, but not all these are ideal to use in the bedroom. You should make it a point to purchase and place only the versatile and comfortable pieces in your bedroom to make the room more relaxing and functional. You can add some chairs and an impressive bedside table that can transform your bedroom into a functional lounging place.

There are many such bedroom furniture pieces that are available for your purchase, and it can be difficult to choose the best ones for your bedroom. There are a few things that you need to consider before remodelling your bedroom with new furniture pieces. Keep in mind that the new furniture items should match the already existing ones to give an organised look to your bedroom. Also, the materials that you purchase should be durable and long lasting as well. With these points in mind, you can choose to purchase wooden bedroom furniture items due to the finishes and durability. There are many types of wood that are used in the furniture items. Check them out below.

Wooden Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Bedroom With Lime Green Accents With White Bad Make Cool With Regard To Awesome Cool Ways To Paint A BedroomThe lighter wood materials are suitable for the overhead shelves and cabinets as they are light to mount them on the walls. Pine wood is an attractive option that can be used to make the drawers.

These wood choices can be combined with other materials in order to give a modern look to the bedroom furniture. The wooden bedside table is an attractive addition to your bedroom as it becomes the best place to keep your bedtime items, lamp and alarm clock. The wood items can be painted with colours that match your bedroom’s current theme and colour. Moreover, wooden furniture is durable as well as attractive. Wicker is a material that is suitable for drawers as it is light and it can be used for stackable pieces of furniture. Also, this will add more space for the storage in your bedroom if it is small.

stylishmasterbedroommonochromeAnother material that an attractive and popular option is bamboo as it can be woven into intricate furniture pieces. Bamboo is eco-friendly, and it is a renewable resource. Seagrass is another material that is similar to bamboo and wicker in terms of qualities. It can also be woven into furniture items such as chairs, tables, and drawers. You need to consider investing in quality furniture items as they last for years together. These are available in the local home improvement stores. There are websites that sell these items as well that are suitable for improving your bedroom’s look and to fill up the empty space in the room.

Implement these furniture ideas and place the appropriate ones in your bedroom to enhance the look of your room without compromising its functionality and relaxing ability.